Dr. Stemp

Dr. Stemp is proud to be a 5th generation Tacoma native. He has been in practice at Cascade Chiropractic & Massage since 1998. Dr. Stemp began his practice in partnership with his mother and fellow chiropractor Dr. Susan Strobel. He honed his skills over the years by working closely with the other six chiropractors in his family, his father Dr. Larry Stemp, his identical twin brother Dr. Brian Stemp, his sister-in-law Catherine Stemp, his sister Dr. Amy Anthony, and his brother-in-law Dr. Ari Anthony.

Growing up in a Chiropractic family meant life was a bit different from his friends. Dr. Stemp’s parents understood that health was not to be taken for granted. They made sure he and his siblings ate a natural balanced diet, got plenty of exercise, and practiced positive thinking. The rewards of their chiropractic lifestyle were plentiful. Dr. David and his siblings rarely if ever suffered the “normal” childhood conditions such as ear infections, asthma, anxiety or hyperactivity disorders. This also meant no need to take drugs, no need to visit the medical doctor, and no missed days of. Dr. Stemp has taken those lessons and passed them on to his own growing family as well as the patients he cares for each and every day.

Dr. Stemp feels very strongly that chiropractic is the future of healthcare. Chiropractors are the champions of the wellness lifestyle model. Dr. Stemp has spent hundreds of hours in postgraduate classes learning to simplify the message of wellness and the chiropractic lifestyle. He and his partner Dr. Michael Enstad regularly put on wellness workshops in the office to help patients harness their health potential. He has also spent his years learning just the right techniques used to adjust everyone from the newborn baby to the 100-year-old great grandmother.

Dr. Stemp has served in chiropractic leadership in the state of Washington first as a representative of the 6th legislative district for the Washington State Chiropractic Association (WSCA), then as the associations President. He has helped with the passage of several key pieces of chiropractic legislation over the years and is deeply passionate about keeping chiropractic safe and available throughout the state of Washington.

Dr. Stemp attended Clover Park High (class of ’89), Central Washington University (Class of 1993), and Life University (class of 1998) in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Stemp is married to his best friend and true love, Nikol, who is also a Tacoma native. Together they have three amazing children, a daughter and two boys (Grace, Daniel, and Jonas). Dr. Stemp and his wife Nikol are avid travelers, average golfers and always looking for the next fun adventure with their large local and far off friends and family. Dr. Stemp is a nerd at heart and loves reading his large collection of new and old comic books.

Dr. Enstad

Dr. Enstad: Dr. Enstad is a 2009 graduate from Northwestern Health Sciences University, a chiropractic college in Bloomington, Minnesota. There he graduated with a Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology with Magna cum Laude honors. Before attending chiropractic college, Dr. Enstad completed his undergraduate studies at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, and Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota.

Dr. Enstad first became interested in the chiropractic profession while he was in high school. Following a collision during soccer practice, he had severe back pain and decided to go see the chiropractor that his mother had been seeing for lower back issues. After about two or three treatments, he felt as good as new and knew that there was something to chiropractic. He began talking with the doctor who had been treating him and learned about the natural, hands on, let the body heal itself, approach to chiropractic. This appealed greatly to Dr. Enstad and, after learning more about the side affects of drugs and surgery in his undergraduate studies, he decided that being a chiropractor was a perfect fit. Since then, it’s been as rewarding and exciting as he had hoped.

Dr. Enstad and his high school sweetheart Megan were married in 2007 in their home state of Minnesota. Megan works as hard as anyone as a middle school teacher. Together, they have a son, Elijah, and daughters, Vesper and Eleanor, who keep them on their toes. Besides being a chiropractor, Dr. Enstad enjoys following his home state sports teams, exploring the varied creation of the PNW, and spending time with his family.

Dr. Enstad firmly believes that chiropractic is essential to the health and well-being of all people. He believes that chiropractic care is able to assist the body in fighting off infection, disease, mechanical disturbances, and most of life’s ailments. He believes this because chiropractic is able to relieve stress to the nervous system so that the brain and body are better able to communicate with one another leading to a more balanced, healthy lifestyle. He sincerely hopes that as the years pass by, more and more people will get introduced to the all-natural healing ability of chiropractic.