What is Wellness?

The term wellness has been around for decades. The definition has changed slightly from one generation to the next, but the concept remains the same. The principals of wellness are based on the care and maintenance of one’s own health by following the examples of nature and natural law. Today we have become more and more dependant on technology and pharmacology for our healthcare. This dependence has without question helped us overcome acute illness and led to amazing breakthroughs in life saving procedures. Unfortunately, we have traded acute illness for chronic illness. The evidence is all around us. Today we have more heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes than ever before. These are all considered illnesses of lifestyle, created by poor choices in what we eat, how we move, and how we think. In the chiropractic definition of wellness, we focus on three very important lifestyle practices; eating well, moving well, and thinking well. By following these three basic principals, it is possible to take responsibility of our own health which leads to a longer, happier, life.

Why is my Chiropractor interested in wellness?

Chiropractors have historically been the leaders in Wellness Healthcare. Since the discovery of Chiropractic in 1895, our principals have been rooted in the concepts of natural healing and wellness. The founder of Chiropractic, D.D. Palmer, wrote the first book on Chiropractic in 1910. In it he described the concepts of wellness and vitalism, which are still considered relevant today. He discussed the importance of daily exercise, eating a balanced diet, and positive mental attitude. Chiropractors have always known that the human body needs no extra help, it just needs no interference. That’s why the removal of nerve interference using a gentle chiropractic adjustment, along with the practice of a wellness lifestyle, is so beneficial to overall health and happiness.

What’s the best way to live a wellness lifestyle?

The best way to live a wellness lifestyle is to start by asking two important questions:

1. What does my body require for normal function and overall good health?
2. What am I toxic to or deficient in that may be driving my body away from normal function and overall good health?
Ultimately it comes down to choices we make every day. We can choose to eat, move, and think well providing purity and sufficiency in our every day lives. Or we can choose to eat, move, and think poorly and live with toxicity and deficiency. Which choice do you think fits into the wellness lifestyle? Which choice will lead to health, happiness, and vitality?

What are the Basic Principles of the Wellness Lifestyle?

Move Well:

1. Understand that daily physical activity is a required nutrient, not a therapy or an option.
2. Love yourself and take care of yourself; you are too precious to do anything else.
3. Start each day with physical exercise such as stretching and balance training.
4. Add as much activity to your normal daily routine as possible. Walk instead of drive when possible. Take the stairs instead of an elevator. Choose active social outings with the family.
5. Get a workout partner or group for support and encouragement.
6. Stay well adjusted.

Think Well:

1. Practice gratuity or thankfulness every day.
2. Wake up and think about what you are thankful for, go to sleep and think about what you are thankful for.
3. Remember that the LAW OF ATTRACTION binds the universe. We attract the things we are thinking and talking about. If we think and talk about positive things we attract positive things.
4. Practice positive self talk. We have complete control of our conscious self-talk and we can make it positive or negative. It’s our choice.
5. Write down your life goals. Where do you want to be in 1 year, in 10 years, and in 30 years? Make your goals as specific as you possibly can. Exactly how much $ you want to earn, exactly who you want to be married to, exactly what your house will look like….

Eat Well:

3. Start your lifestyle change by simply adding good things first. Never take the bad things away first.
5. Have two vices you can splurge on periodically when you have the urge, without guilt.
6. Work towards eliminating all WHITE foods. White Flour, White Sugar, White Salt, and White Milk.